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Today for NFS HighStakes we have a 1950 ORUD Gaz M20 Pobeda.

This is the ORUD version of 1950 GAZ M-20 “Pobeda”, This vehicle has a livery est. by an Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR №55, dated 23.01.1957. Vehicle got license plate which were used on Soviet cars since 1959 to 1980. Vehicle doesn’t have emergency lights at all, but it have a loudspeaker which is used to warn pedestrians about necessity to obey traffic laws and regulating traffic. ORUD is stated for “Otdel po regulirovaniju ulichnogo dvizhenija”, Rus. “Отдел по регулированию уличного движения”; on Eng. it would be "Road Traffic Control Department" - the road traffic control, highway patrol and traffic law enforcement department of the Soviet Militsiya. It was in operation from 1931 to 1961, when it was merged with the State Automobile Inspectorate.



by Paul Spain, Saturday, 12 August 2023 10:31, Comments(0)

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