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Single Car Release

Today for NFS HighStakes we have a Wolseley 680 Police. This car is based off of a great model by Budgie in my DieCast collection and also the actual Police cars from Wolseley.

Special Thanks To:KvH-DeSiGn (P.A. Horns), made by modding stuff from his Toyota Land Cruiser),Shahzaib Ali K (builder of the car), FrankNFurter (wheels) & driver), Interior is from the Mafia Shurbert Extra 6 Police 4 door.

Known issues: There is some kind of glitch in the headlights, They look dim up close but fine at a distance, I have tried and tried but can't fix this, Maybe you can? If so be kind and let me know what you did and feel free to replace this with your fixed version :).

by Paul Spain, Wednesday, 03 June 2020 00:18, Comments(0)

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