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More cars for NFS III & NFS HS

We have a huge update we recently added new cars in our NFS III & NFS HS Downloads sections from authors like Viper, Addict, Michael Van Dorst, Captain Spaghetti, Error450, TwIzTiD, & Kracka. Be sure to stop by these sections for these wonderful rare cars from the past.

by CVPI19, Sunday, 13 January 2013 04:45, Comments(0), read all
MadMax police cars

We have 2 new vehicles today..MadMax police cars.

1. Standard patrol car:

2. Max's Pursuit Interceptor:

All the credit for these awesome cars goes to Aussie Muscle, All I did was aline the lights to the gumball lights and tune the normals..I also conatcted him on Racerplanet..He is gonna email me all his police vehicles..MadMax was not the only police vehicles he made XD.

by Paul Spain, Saturday, 05 January 2013 11:35, Comments(0), read all
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