Today for NFS HighStakes we have a 1953 Ford Mainline from the TV series Dragnet Cool. The request was made awhile back for the vehicles of the TV series Dragnet and now I'm pleased to finally begin filling that.


Special thanks to Rafael P.,Chryslerjunkandstuff,and Gamemodels.Ru

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from us here at NFS Police HQ. - CVPI19

Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to eveyone from NFS POLICE H.Q.-NFS Police Force


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Today for NFS HighStakes we have a Jewish Police Skoda Octiva.

I dedicate this to those lost in the recent Synagogue shooting.

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Veteranís Day

We would like to Honor or Veteran's that have served our country.Thanks You.-NFS Police Force

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We are have Site Problems . If you would like to look at the message board click your mouse twice also at the downloads section . We are trying to fix the problem . 

 Thanks NFS Police Force 

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Steal Cross Corvette Mod

If you have download Steal Cross Corvette Mod . It may have a Vires . As far as we have found it is safe . We have taken it off the site to be safe. 

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Today for NFS HighStakes we have a 1982 Dodge Diplomat Illinois State Police and 1985 Plymouth Caravelle Sûreté Du Québec

These 2 cars was made by the new and improoved base by Brabus AMG who edited the original 1982-1989 Mopar base by DodgeBoy with edits by CVPI19,FranknFurter,and Paul Spain.

Update: Last version of the SDQ Caravelle had incorect chrome I put along the doors along the side, While Diplomat/GranFury had that Caravelle didn't so I've removed that. 



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Today for NFS HighStakes we have the police car from the hit cop drama 19-2.

The patrol car Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier of the FICTIONAL Service De Police Me'tropolitain (SPM) (inspired by the actual Montreal Police= Service De Police Ville Montre'al (SPVM) use in the hit TV cop drama 19-2. 

Special Thanks To: 

NJ XJ220 (Base car) Code 4 & DodgeBoy, (back door window bars and cage), Joel Kroll (TriOptic LED lights in back window)Brabus AMG (Code3 MX7000),Bravo (for airing this great series :D.) 

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all the staff at NFS Police H.Q. - NFS Police Force

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