Steal Cross Corvette Mod

If you have download Steal Cross Corvette Mod . It may have a Vires . As far as we have found it is safe . We have taken it off the site to be safe. 

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Today for NFS HighStakes we have a 1982 Dodge Diplomat Illinois State Police and 1985 Plymouth Caravelle Sûreté Du Québec

These 2 cars was made by the new and improoved base by Brabus AMG who edited the original 1982-1989 Mopar base by DodgeBoy with edits by CVPI19,FranknFurter,and Paul Spain.

Update: Last version of the SDQ Caravelle had incorect chrome I put along the doors along the side, While Diplomat/GranFury had that Caravelle didn't so I've removed that. 



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Today for NFS HighStakes we have the police car from the hit cop drama 19-2.

The patrol car Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier of the FICTIONAL Service De Police Me'tropolitain (SPM) (inspired by the actual Montreal Police= Service De Police Ville Montre'al (SPVM) use in the hit TV cop drama 19-2. 

Special Thanks To: 

NJ XJ220 (Base car) Code 4 & DodgeBoy, (back door window bars and cage), Joel Kroll (TriOptic LED lights in back window)Brabus AMG (Code3 MX7000),Bravo (for airing this great series :D.) 

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all the staff at NFS Police H.Q. - NFS Police Force

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Happy Thankgiving

Happy Thankgiving to all our staff and our members . - NFS Police Force

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Sorry all

We are back up now. Sorry for the problems . Thanks to xj220 for getting us back up .

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our staff and all our member . You all be safe out there .

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Sad Day


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We will not forget

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New base available

Today we have for the members only forum in the Hot Pursuit 2 section under the Chevrolet thread the 2007-2014 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Vehicle made by Dodge Boy. To get this vehicle & others you must be registered in order to use our forums & to download this vehicle. - CVPI19



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