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Cold War Era Police Agencies
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VolksPolizei was the D.D.R. (East Germany) police from 1946-1991. The name was first used in 1950 replacing the Antifascist Police Department which served as the police from 1945-1949. Under the AFP police vehicles had license plates with SBZ (Sowjetische Besatzungszone=(Soviet Occupation Zone) in the corner, When D.D.R. was formed in 1949 plans was made to make the police independant of U.S.S.R. and have their own plan..In 1950 the VolksPolizei name was pinned and the tiny VP began use on license plates. In 1990-1991 following the collapse of D.D.R. the V was scratched out leaving a small P for Polizei on license plates.
0 8 '58 Wartburg 312 VolksPolizei
Soviet Militia
The Soviet Militia= МИ/\ИЦИЯ CCCP was the police of the U.S.S.R. from 1917-1990. The Militia also housed the local fire depts. Militia continued to be Russian police after the fall of U.S.S.R. until 2012.
0 3 Soviet Militia GAI Volga M24 Gaz
Bulgaria S.S.R. People's Militia
The Bulgarian S.S.R. People's Militia= НАРОДА МИ/\ИЦИЯ was the police in Bulgaria S.S.R. which ended in 1990 and was replaced by Bulgaria and the Militia was changed to police= ПОЛИЦИЯ shortly there after. However the force is still devided into MBP (main police) and KAT (traffic police) just as it was under Militia times. A Gendarmerie also exists.
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Poland Milicja
Polish Milicja was the police in Soviet era Poland
0 2 Milicja Warszawa
Verejna Bezpecnost
Verejna Bezpecnost was the police in Soviet Czechoslavakia
0 2 '82 Lada 2107 Verejna Bezpecnost
Rendörseg Hungary
Rendörseg was and still is the police of Hungary
0 0
Militia Romania
The Romanian Militia was the police of Romania during the Soviet era.
0 0
T.A.I. was the military police in Soviet Czechoslavakia.
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