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'98 Ford Crown Victoria (E114) Pursuit
Name '98 Ford Crown Victoria (E114) Pursuit
Description Title: Pursuit Ford

Type: Patrol car

File name: pfrd

Author: CHSP, Addict

Editors: Jean-Paul Piskunov, Paul Spain

Description: To quote the author: "Great Class A police car! Good technical characteristics. Not much detailed damage. Durable car. All options are available. The policeman is the same as in the Pursuit Chevrolet Corvette”.

1) Vehicle is low-poly, so you can install it in classic game, without any VEG Patch.
2) Based on Addict's Ford Crown Victoria which in turn is EA's BMW M5 E39 modified, has generic livery.
3) Car has the same dashboard as Chevrolet Camaro.
4) Original vehicle has “mirrored texture”: left side is OK, words written on right side of car are mirrored. Fixed by Jean-Paul Piskunov, checked by Paul Spain.
5) Vehicle has the same serial number as HSV SV 99, so you can catch either “dirty cop” or “car thief”.
6) Car has a license plate “@ CHSP -” – a reference to it’s original author.

Files within this zip/rar/7z: car.viv and READ.ME

Installation: insert a folder "pfrd" in your NFS HighStakes Data/CARS. Have a nice ride.

Tools Used: FCE Finish 2, ZModeler 1.07B, NFS Wizard, Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2, Adobe Photoshop CS5, CarCad, and FCE Centerer (during editing). Can’t tell what was used during it’s creation, which was more than decade ago...
Uploaded by Jean-Paul Piskunov
Size 1185.31 Kb
Votes Votes: 1 - Average: 5

Author Addict/CHSP
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