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Need for Speed: High Stakes Complete Edition
Name Need for Speed: High Stakes Complete Edition
Description Complete Edition is a mod for the PSX version of Need for Speed: High Stakes, combining cars from all regional versions of the game, as well as adding new content.
!!! The mod must be installed on the USA-version (SLUS-00826) of the game. The mod is compatible to play on the original PlayStation.
!!! Saves from the original game can cause problems. Before playing with the mod, please delete the original game saves from Memory Card.

- Added cars from the Australian version: Holden VT GTS, Ford Falcon XR8, Police Holden VT GTS (police on English tracks) and MHRT VT Commodore (as the tournament prize);
- Added cars from the Japanese version: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec, Pennzoil Nissan Skyline GT-R (available with cheat code);
- Unlocked previously unavailable colors for some of cars:
// BMW Z3, HSV, XR8, Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, Ferrari 550, F50, Diablo, CLK-GTR, McLaren F1
- Save all content and career structure from the USA edition of the game (race-bred Corvette is available);

Added new tournaments in the Special Events tier:
// Modern Muscle Cup - 2nd class muscle cars tournament. Available after the "Regional Club Circuit", unlocks the MHRT VT Commodore.
// Godzilla Tournament - tournament for Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec only. Available after the "Grand Touring Competition".
// Tournament of Champions - bonus car tournament. Available after the "GT Racing Championship", unlocks the upgraded Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR.
// High Stakes Challenge - tournament for GTR cars. Available after the "Tournament of Champions".
(Note that 2 latest tournaments have an increased difficulty, due to opponents and track conditions)

- Titan is now unlocked after completing all Special Events, including new ones;
- The section of the description of the car (Showcase) for the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec is fully translated into English, including the voice acting;
- Added full support for Hot Pursuit mode on Raceway tracks;
- Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan are now available in Hot Pursuit mode;
- Bonus reward cars now also being unlocked for the car dealer (including Test Drive and Hot Pursuit);
- Fixed steering wheel textures for Nissan cars (issue from the Japanese version);
- Changed tachometer textures for MHRT VT Commodore (to display the entire RPM, issue from the Australian version);
- New textures for Lamborghini Diablo SV wheels;
- Fixed inverted M5 label texture on BMW M5;
- Corrected text descriptions of tournaments to display new cars and tournaments;
- On the English locations (Durham Road, Celtic Ruins), 1st level police will use HSV VT GTS;
- Opponents in tournaments use new cars;
- Hidden backgrounds on the menu (VidWall) for Police cars are now used;
- Prices for Titan and Phantom are slightly increased, from $ 100,000 to $ 150,000;
- The game image with the mod is compatible with the vast majority of cheat codes for the USA edition of the game;

About Pennzoil Nissan Skyline GT-R:
- This bonus Skyline is available upon activation of the cheat code, and replaces the bonus Corvette;
- The model, textures, tachometer, sound and specs of the car are fully preserved;
- The interface elements will remain from the Corvette (because after 1 race the game changes the memory addresses for the desired interface values);
- Due to the limitation of the game on car slots, it is now impossible to add the bonus Skyline as a full-fledged car;

Recommendations for playing on the emulator:
- The mod was tested on the DuckStation emulator (but you can play on any);
- The game has a limit of 60-64 FPS, so overclocking the CPU (up to 300%, for example) helps to remove the lags during races, without noticeable bugs;
- Geometry Correction (PGXP Geometry Correction) improves the game looks, but do not turn on Texture Correction - the game has its own method of texture correction;
- The game still correctly displays the geometry of the track at the edges of the screen, if you have enabled Widescreen Hack and set the screen format to 16:10;
- Use the "Increase Track Detail" cheat to increase the quality of the track geometry;
- Cheat "Swap Dash Cam to Hood Cam" replaces the hidden interior cams by hood cams for all cars (requires the Dashboard Camera mode cheat to be active);

Important notes before playing:
- If you are going to play on the original PlayStation, then the image of the game with the mod may not fit on the regular CD;
- Despite the presence of the Hot Pursuit mode, traffic is not available on the Raceway tracks;
- In the Trophy Room section of the menu, new tournaments are not displayed (because there are problems with loading textures for new trophy icons);
- All Nissan Skyline disabled the effects of headlights and "shine" in the menu, this is due to the poly-count of the car model and limitations in different editions of the game;
(in the race, all the effects of the car are present)
- Nissan Skyline will always have a static sign on the license plate, this is due to problems with the display of the license plate in the car model;
- In Hot Pursuit mode, the police will talk about your car as "Sportscar" if you drive a Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, HSV, Ford or Nissan;
- In Single Race mode, opponents in Full Grid will only take the same car model if you are using the Nissan Skyline;
(in tournaments, opponents gonna use all available cars)

Mod by Hypernucle, with help of NFSF1McLaren, Ugol45, Polishmeme and DumbPanda
Based on mod for Japanese version by Sirius-R
v1 from 06/08/2021
Cover-art by Ugol45
Uploaded by CVPI19
Size 6437.8 Kb
Votes Votes: 1 - Average: 5

Author Hypercycle
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