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Pursuit Jaguar XJ220
Name Pursuit Jaguar XJ220
Description This is a Pursuit Jaguar XJ220, the hypercar built by the Coventry car manufacturer, designed to break the speed record for production cars, now available in police version for Need for Speed III.
Although there is already another Pursuit Jaguar XJ220 on NFS Cars, created by c959 and Beterhans, I decided to upload this additional version, created for Need for Speed IV by Nils Jόttemeier (aka XJ220) and converted by me for Need for Speed III, as I find it very well done and also because it is available in 5 different countries (USA, Australia, UK, France, Germany).
This car has realistic performance, steering and rolling and is available in all supported languages. Engine sound come from Need for Speed II SE while the dashboard is taken from the Jaguar XJ220 of c959 (I have his permission to use it). To install it put the following folders: "p220", “a220”, “e220”, “f220”, “g220”, that you find in the downloaded Zip file into "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Gamedata/Carmodel"; the various folders correspond to the various versions of the countries of origin of this car.
In the zip file you will also find a folder called "traffic pursuit", inside you find 5 sub-folders with the names of the countries of the versions of this car, choosing which country you want copy the "car.viv" file and paste it into the following path: "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Gamedata/Carmodel/Traffic/Pursuit/0000”, replacing the already existing “car.viv” file; repeat the same operation for all other folders “0001”, “0002”, “0003”, “0004”, “0005”. Doing this you will be chased by many Pursuit Jaguar XJ220 in Wanted mode.
Visit my Youtube channel "Opus IV Gamer" ( to see a lot of videos that I made on Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit and don't forget to subscribe to it for new coming videos.
Here a video taken from my YouTube channel of a Hot Pursuit competition made with this model against some Class A cars.
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Author Opus IV/XJ220
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