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'05 Pagani Zonda F Rockport Police Department
Name '05 Pagani Zonda F Rockport Police Department
Description Car converted by Excelerate and Tails
Type of mod: Car
Model: Pagani Zonda F (Rockport Police Department)
Replaces: COPGTO
Known bugs: None so far. There's no damage, but there's a possibility that will be fixed in future.

Car can be customized with:
-window tints
-some other bits (don't expect too much, it's a cop car after all)

Excelerate - Initiating the conversion, defining most of the materials, remapping the car for the skin etc.
Tails - Putting the car in game, finishing the conversion, making the cop driver skin
EA Games - Model (NFS:PS)
nfsu360 - nfstc texture compiler
Arushan - mod tools
FOX - tip, support, templates for vlt editing

How to install the mod:
1. Get a NFS:MW Mod Loader by Arushan. (You can easily find it on the internet.)
2. Extract the content of "ADDONS" map of my mod to "ADDONS" map of your NFS:MW with Mod Loader.
3. Open the game and enjoy your Pagani!

Do not upload it on any other site without my permission. You can provide link, but not upload any part of this mod.
10.1.2013. - fixed skin problem, should be pretty much bug-free now
Uploaded by NFS Police Force
Size 2803.82 Kb
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Author Excelerate and Tails
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