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'99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pursuit
Name '99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pursuit
Description Pursuit Mitsubishi Eclipse 1999
Replaces: Undercover Civic Cruiser (level 2), "COPGHOST"

-2 paintjobs to choose from
-2 LODs (main and lower) although the model already is quite low-poly

-The damaged doors are a bit separated from the car but you can't really notice it unless you pay attention.
-I didn't make the damaged trunk bounce. In both cases it's because I don't know how to change the center position of the damaged parts.
-The paintjob texture is quite low quality (you probably won't notice unless you look closely) since I don't know if it's possible to get a higher quality DDS1 file and making it DDS3 made some parts transparent in the game.

The model is from NFS Underground (with the interior from Carbon). I wanted to make this car because I think it would make perfect sense to have a street tuner car as a police car in level 2 since this game is the sequel to Underground 2.
To get this car in your garage you need to hex edit the save game. There's some tutorial online for that. But the car can't be customized and it handles very weird since it's not meant to be driven by the player.
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Author BadHairDay
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