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'77 Plymouth Fury Generic Pursuit
Name '77 Plymouth Fury Generic Pursuit
Description Completely reworked, retextured and fine tuned version of Baardk's Plymouth Fury '77 in a Generic Pursuit as well as an SFPD texture variant

Original author: Baardk

Serial number: 34 (change that to avoid possible serial number conflicts - highly recommended if you also use the '76 Ford Gran Torino 'Sheriff'

Polycount: 3354 polies, carmesh .fce load: 575kB (suitable for traffic usage also w/o VEG's (NFS Modern) patch

Unzip to a folder 'PFur' in your NFS\Data\Cars directory, the traffic car.viv goes to one of the traffic pursuit vehicles folders if you will: NFS\Data\Cars\traffic\Pursuit\'Sedan' (just for an example) ... make a backup copy of the concerning car.viv that is to be replaced before that ..

If you want to use 'SFPD' livery variant open car.viv with NFSWizard and rename 'Car00.tga' to something else like for example 'Gen.tga' and then rename 'SFPD.tga' to Car00.tga, same with the traffic car variant ..

Copy, move or extract 'PFur.QFS' to your NFS\Data\FeArt\VidWall folder

Have fun!

Frank /FranknFurter

Uploaded by NFS Police Force
Size 2366.41 Kb
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Author Baardk/Frank
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