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'14 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Massachusetts State Police
Name '14 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Massachusetts State Police
Description 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Massachusetts State Police for NFS Most Wanted 2005

Made by BadHairDay on April 30, 2018.


This mod replaces the state police Pontiac GTO (level 3 heat police car) with a new police Corvette C7.
The model has parts and textures from Real Racing 3, NFS Undercover and NFS World.


You will need Arushan's mod loader. It comes with the Ferrari 360 mod for Most Wanted.
It should be easy to find online but you can get it here:

After you've installed the Mod Loader, go to the folder of your NFS Most Wanted game
(it should be something like My Computer > C: > Program Files x86 > EA Games > NFS Most Wanted)

Open the folder called ADDONS. Open the folder CARS_REPLACE. And inside that folder, put the folder
called COPGTO from my mod.
That's it!

Credits and notes:

Thanks to Arushan for the NFS Most Wanted Mod Tools.
Thanks to for the NFS Underground 2 Mod Tools (for the texture compiler) and NFS-TexEd.
Models and textures downloaded from
Main mesh from Real Racing 3, thanks to DMN.
Lightbar model from the police Ford Interceptor from NFS World.
Driver model and some textures from NFS Undercover and NFS Carbon (cutscene cops).
Model damage, mapping and other editing by me.
I used DXTBmp to edit the *.dds textures.

This mod is not made by EA, Blackbox or Chevrolet, and it's not supported by either of those companies. This is a fan made and completely
unofficial creation. This mod is not related in any way to those companies and neither is the author.
I'm not responsible for any damage you may get from using this mod, use it at your own risk.
All rights over the models, textures, intellectual properties, etc. belong to their respective owners.

Feel free to post this anywhere and modify it (that includes making your own paintjobs for it). Commercial use is prohibited, though.
If you post this somewhere or make changes please keep this original readme with it, or at least put my name as original author of the mod
(but not of the models and textures).

Thanks a lot for downloading!!!
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Author BadHairDay
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