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'12 Pagani Huayra
Name '12 Pagani Huayra
Description ***Description***
This is '12 Pagani Huayra that converted from Real Racing 3 and it replaces Chevrolet Camaro SS. When you think of Pagani cars, it’s natural to think of craftsmanship, performance, and a Platonic ideal of automotive beauty. All of those elements come together in the Pagani Huayra, the latest supercar from Horacio Pagani, and perhaps his most compelling automotive vision yet. It’s easy to get lost in the visual elements—the gullwing doors or those audacious rear view mirrors. The same goes for the interior—a lush mixture of aluminum, leather, and fine Swiss craftsmanship (for the dashboard instruments). The Huayra has been a long time in the making—Pagani began work on the car in 2003. But, like all works of art—automotive or otherwise—true beauty takes time. (Thanks to Forza for description)


-NFS Undercover female driver mdoel
-New performance data
-Working brakelights' system

Nothing yet.

1-You need mod loader for installing this mod
2-If you have found any bugs, let me know by posting in my thread page.

***Used Tools***
NFSMW Mod Tools
ZModeler 2.2.5
ZModeler 1.0.7
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable
NFS-VltEd v2.1
MWPS Template

Firemonkeys ---> Textures & Meshes
Arushan ---> Mod Tools
nfsu360 ---> VLT Editor
Oleg Melashenko ---> ZModelers
Adobe ---> Photoshop
NVIDIA ---> Supporting Textures on Photoshop
FOX ---> MWPS Template
Eclipse 72rus ---> Great Helps & Ripping This Model
Porsche 4ever ---> Great Helps
AJ_Lethal ---> Great Helps
Ti-Sonic ---> Great Helps
ArturoPlayerOne ---> Great Helps
Tails ---> Great Helps
kimberlyn ---> Great Helps
speedycat ---> Great Helps
Zipper ---> Great Helps
Modder900 ---> New Modding Method
MNaeemi777 ---> Converting to NFSMW

***Legal Information***
1-You are NOT allow to uploading it on other sites or re-converting it on other games or in this game with new replaces or packing it as mod pack.
2-You are free to editing textures for this car and don't forget to credit me.
3-There is no problem to using textures / meshes from this car for your projects, but just remember to credit me. Some parts are allowed, not all of them, otherwise, it's a conversion and never be allowed.

Uploaded by NFS Police Force
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Author MNaeemi777
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