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Various NFSMW12 Police Pack
Name Various NFSMW12 Police Pack
Description Need For Speed  most wanted 2012 police pack
Created (converted) for nfs mw 2005 by Michael Werd
Author's site:
Michael Werd:
RET Customs: (
World Community Photosets: (
Consist 2 Versions of police pack = Beta (black-white) and Release (Blue-white)

Original model and textures from nfs mw 2012
The pack consist
Ford Crown victoria Police interceptor  replace Police cruiser 1-lvl
Ford Crown victoria Undercover interceptor  replace Undercover cruiser 2-lvl
Dodge Charger srt-8 Police  replace Cop Pontiac GTO 3-lvl
Dodge Charger srt-8 Undercover  replace Undercover Pontiac GTO 4-lvl
Chevrolet Corvette z06 Police  replace Cop Chevrolet Corvette c6 5-lvl
Chevrolet Corvette zr1 Undercover  replace Cop Chevrolet Corvette c6 6-lvl (Such car wasnt there in original game, but i decided created something good for 6 lvl of chase)
Chevrolet Corvette c6r gt1 Police Cross replace Cop Chevrolet Corvette c6r Cross (This also my good iprovisation? so that Police car-pack was full)
Ford Explorer Police Interceptor replace  Light Police SUV 3-lvl
Lenco Bearcat SWAT Van replace Heavy Police SUV 5-6-7-lvl

Dont modify and upload this pack on other sites without my permisson.

Uploaded by NFS Police Force
Size 50861.24 Kb
Votes Votes: 2 - Average: 5

Author Michael_Werd
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