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> The badge with a story
Paul Spain
Posted: Jul 18 2017, 07:11 PM
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I got a new badge in my collection now along with a intresting story how the fellow got it.
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I think Commissioners are like the IAD of police chiefs, They police the police chiefs I think.

One of the fellow that gave it to me relatives got arrested 35 years ago as a young teen for shenanigans, Nothing major, I think he said it was shooting a shed with a BB gun, So anyway while he was cuffed and in the back of the police car he began to fumble around in the seat, He dug this badge out of the inside of it. When the cop took him out to book him he wasn't researched again (as he should have been) so he had the badge, After his parents bailed him out he had it hid in his room, 35 years later he gave it to his brother in law, Then that guy (whom I work with) gave it to me after he found out I collect badges..Said he never met anyone who collected badges and thought that was intriguing. He said he knew I'd enjoy having it.

I only wonder how a police chief badge got back there, I guess the chief was shagging a girl on or off duty back there and it fell out of his pocket LOL.
Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, If any one thing would have happened he'd have got caught, Had the cop seen him fumbling around back there while cuffed, had he been researched before entering the jail (as he was supposed to have been), Had his parents got nosey and snooped around in his room. LOL. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

But nothing happened and so he had the badge for 35 years LOL.
He finally gave it away to his brother in law and that fellow is the guy I work with and he gave it to me Sunday night.

I'm 10-80..All units 10-0!

Enjoying this car very much :D

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Posted: Jul 19 2017, 08:12 AM
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Super V.I.P

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That is a pretty cool story. as a cadet and somone that loves military stuff, often the story behind the item is cooler then the item itself.

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