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Posted by: Lash00t0ut Oct 25 2015, 03:57 AM
So heres the deal. i have sucessfully put a car into gta5, it is drivable and works 100% i am working on making it into a police vehicle. what i need is if anyone makes the bases, they have to be 100% complete interior and out. this includes a frame and ect in seperate parts. it will take me a little under a week but i will have it in game. as far as textures supply what you want and make sure the body is uv mapped. i did the tahoe, and it came out great. still working on it. this is bxbugs123 model.

Posted by: XJ220 Oct 25 2015, 04:11 AM
Uh, pretty pretty smile.png

Just - doesn't the GTA community by now have every car used by the US police forces in the last decades available as a high quality model?

Posted by: Lash00t0ut Oct 25 2015, 04:19 AM
they do. and most are locked. as far as using the unlocked ones it comes with a toll, they are not to be distributed anywhere and alot are hard to get. it took me a few days to get bugs to let me use the tahoe to try and convert. as far as good models its going to be tough without our own. but with this in mind, the poly count per car is upwards of 100k so we have have the best out there if we put in the time and patience. i want a new firetruck in game and i thought about buying one from turbosquid

Posted by: NFS Police Force Oct 25 2015, 09:00 AM
Just a ? that Tahoe looks like ours . That body looks just like dodge boys . But anyways .The crown vic come from driven .So really thy just converted it . I can just do the same thing and just say it ours . If you would like other cars go to and you can do a lot of cars there .Check it out . Cool work .Here is a fire truck I will keep looking .Also I can do driven cars if you like . Just tell me what you need and I can do it .Well build them .For the tga thing I still don't understand huh.png .

Posted by: Lash00t0ut Oct 25 2015, 12:12 PM
the tahoe is not ours as i have already compared the meshes already. thats the first thing i did. but as far as anything else ill check into it and yes as long as it has everything, ill get it into the game

Posted by: Harriettsab Jan 20 2017, 07:27 AM
Yea, I made the vehicles invincable to damage from colisions, however does anyone know how to desable visual damage? Is it possable to do like GTA IV using the handling file? I want to make my cars not have collision damage because my cars get pritty **** up with the controlls. Im getting used to it but cars in GTA III damage so easly compared to the other GTA games.

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