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> The Threat
Paul Spain
Posted: Aug 12 2021, 06:10 AM
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Not sure where to fit this but here goes:

I have read more and more of GTA mods being removed cause modders fear Sucks2 (Take2 ) (the controlers of RockStar now) and their threats of action on mods, Now to be clear I'm not just talking of the mods that ruin the gameplay for online by creating indestructible vehicles when other players in turn had to buy official addons from the company, Only to have moders hack and kill them..They are also going after mods that DO NOT hurt the game at all:

GTA United: Moded SanAndreas and replaced the area with a combined map of Liberty City from 3 and Vice City.

Vice City HD: A revamp to Vice City that improoved the graphics and replaced the game's default crappy vehicles.

Vice Cry: Unknown, I ain't researched this yet.

And there's other game moders that got attacked too, Moders of Manhunt,Bully,etc.

My point is THIS! Unless you are moding a online game to do something unfair to the players or trying to sell your mods if they are for old non online games the game companies have no right to threaten action on your mods or you if you refuse to take them down as you're not harming them or anyone else!

Now I discussed this with CVPI19 but he didn't wanna get into it so I put it here for other members to add their input.

I can't speak for how all would handel things if we here got threatened but I can me..I would not waver,would not negotiate or back down and would stand firm in what I do and enjoy. Likely NFS Police Force would respond the same but again I can't speak for all here..What's you guy's stance? I say fight and call their bluff in a Put up! or shut up! stance.

Individually we are a hand but together we are a fist..1=2=4=8=16=32=64= O.O until the movement goes so viral and they'd eventually realize they can't terrorize us and back down.

I'm 10-80..All units 10-0!

Enjoying this car very much :D

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