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> 3 Cop Cars In a Level Heat MW & C
Posted: May 14 2017, 06:49 AM
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As most of you know, only in level heat 6 of Most Wanted, 2 different cop cars will chase you and in Carbon, only in level heat 8, 3 different cop cars chase you, but you can add 3 of your favorite cop cars in any level heats of Most Wanted and Carbon.

Tools you need:
NFS VltEd v4.2
.NET Framework 4.5.2 (If VLT Editor didn't work, try higher versions.)
You should have Windows 7 or higher.

If you want edit Most Wanted, the game would crash, so first make a backup from your game, but don't worry about Carbon!

1-Open NFS VltEd v4.2
2-Select File/Open, then click on your game folder and OK (Most Wanted / Carbon)
3-Follow the address: pursuitlevels/default
4-Good! Now which level heat you like to edit? Click right on that and then Edit Table (Example: If you want edit level heat 5, click right on heat_05 and Edit Table)
5-There is 1 number in capacity column (it may be 2), change the value to 3 or 2, if you want only 2 cops. (edit right number of column of capacity)
6-Alright, now open the heat_??, then cops and edit [1] and or [2], save and test it! (If you don't like default car of its level heat, you can edit [0])

Value = Car folder name
Here is list of cop cars folders names:
COPMIDSIZE = Civic Cruiser (Ford Crown Victoria)
COPGHOST = Civic Undercover Cruiser (Black Ford Crown Victoria)
COPGTO = State Pursuit Vehicle (Police GTO)
COPGTOGHOST = State Undercover Vehicle (Police Black GTO)
COPSPORTHENCH = Federal Pursuit Vehicle (Police White Corvette)
COPSPORTGHOST = Federal Undercover Vehicle (Police Black Corvette)
COPSPORT = Cross Corvette

Count = Number of its type cop car in while chase. Usually, 8 cops chase you. Can be 1-8.
This is an example:
You set the count value of COPGHOST to 5. You will see 5 Black Ford Crown Victoria that they chase you, but you must increase its chance. You may set all values of cop cars to 8, but it depends to chance value.

Chance = The possibility of joining the cop car in chase. Can be 10-100. (less than 10 also works, but they wouldn't join)
This is an example:
Black Corvette = 75
SUV Heavy = 25
Indeed, number or Black Corvettes will be more than SUV Heavies numbers.

You may set all count values to 8 and set all chance values to 100. If you do, game equalizes numbers of cop cars (sometimes, it works on roadblocks & spike strips).

Best Regards, MNaeemi777 - NFS Police H.Q. Staff
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